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Wednesdays & Saturdays

Thank you for your continued support!

Our LIVE TRIVIA EVENTS are always FREE TO PLAY and last approximately two hours.  Questions are weighted by difficulty, with points awarded for each
correct answer.  The top 3 scoring teams WIN GIFT CERTIFICATES to the
hosting venue EVERY

Brain Squeeze shows
are crafted to challenge
your knowledge with a
passionate community
of likeminded players
​(aka: know it all's) out to prove themselves smartest of the smarty-pants. 
We deliver friendly competition that fosters lasting relationships between
our venues, hosts and players. 

As an added bonus, we can incorporate the televisions via HDMI cable for a more engaging and entertaining multi-media experience.

​Players are our priority and
we are always willing to hear
your thoughts on how we
might make our shows more
fun for everyone.  If you have
a comment, suggestion or
any questions about what we
​do and how we do it,
​please email us at