* Obviously, I don't own Cards Against Humanity.  I DO have a special exemption to their Creative Commons Licensing.  This means I can use their name without being sued, arrested or publicly flogged with a dead hamster.

*****Cards Against Humanity is a licensed trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC.  

Basic Rules:

The host will draw and read a black card with a question or phrase that contains a blank.   All  other players will complete the phrase or answer the question posed to them with white card they have that they deem to be the funniest response.  The white card chosen to be the funniest earns three points, two for the second funniest and one point for the  third funniest! Each player receives 1 blank slip per half of the game to use for a write-in answer.  If any write-in answer is chosen as one of the top three, that player will receive an additional point in the game. ​ At the end of the game, the three players or teams with the most points WIN!


Cards Against Humanity a 

proprietary card game that is suitable for all demographics of adults and caters to the sillier, more "adult" demographic of patrons.  Cards Against Humanity is perfect for a late night entertainment option or adults only venues. Because the game is based on individual sense of humor it is never the same twice!  Due to subject matter, this game is 18+.


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Tampa Bay's First 

Tournament Style Cards Against Humanity!

Win House Cash while having an uproariously good time!

They call it a party game for horrible people *, we call it FUN!

The only skill you need to play is a sense of humor!