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Looking for new and exciting entertainment for your venue?

We have 2 versions of our live hosted multi-media trivia show.  We offer a G-Rated, general knowledge show suitable for all age ranges as well as a late night, adult version

of the show. 

We also offer a Cards Against HumanityTM  

tournament for a more adult crowd.  Unlike trivia, Cards Against Humanity does not require special knowledge, only a sense of humor!

We can cater to your specific clientele, while boosting sales and attendance on slower nights of the week.

Brain Squeeze Trivia is the FIRST show in Tampa Bay to offer a multi-media live hosted show.  We have merged the excitement of a live host with the versatility of the televisions. 

Brain Squeeze trivia provides a complete 

audio/visual experience that our competitors just don't offer! 

We strive to provide the most professional, engaging and cost effective entertainment in Tampa Bay.


For booking, please email or call:  

Sarah : 813.506.2329